Ziegfeld utilizes Harman sound/lights.

The Ziegfeld Theatre opened in 1969 as a single-screen movie theatre. The theatre was named in honor of the impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. Between 1969 and 2016, more world premieres of Hollywood blockbuster films were held at the Ziegfeld Theatre than any U.S. movie theatre outside of Los Angeles. Building on a rich history, the Ziegfeld Ballroom opened Fall 2017 as one of the most significant event properties in New York City.
The sound and lighting for the Ziegfeld Ballroom is an entirely Harman solution using JBL speakers all powered by Crown 4×3500 amplifiers. The lighting is Martin Professional.


Main Array/Room/Balc/Fill
6 JBL VTXV20 per side 12 total
3 JBL S25 per side 6 total
2 JBL G28 optional
12 JBL AC28 used for front fills, side fills, balcony fills
8 JBL M20 stage monitors
6 JBL VTX F12 sidefills optional
6 JBL VTX F18 subwoofers optional
All powered by Crown Itech Vracks

Ballroom Package:
16 – Martin Encore LED CLD Profile
20 – Martin Aura XB LED Wash Fixture
14 – Martin Quantum LED Spot
8 – Upstage Elation Color 5 Profile LED Leko

Stage Wash Package:
8 – Martin Encore LED CLD Profile
4 – Martin Aura XB LED Wash Fixture
2 – Martin Quantum LED Spot

Ballroom Wash Package:
24 – Martin Aura XB LED Wash Fixture