Halter Technical

Halter Technical creates exciting and innovative products that rise above the rest. We take a critical look at the equipment used every day on set, and reimagine them. If we can create a product that can make a workday smoother, more efficient, or better in any way, we will.​Today, Halter Technical products are being used […]

A/V Solutions, LLC, provides easy to use – touch panel control for local 55+ community in their Clubhouse and Fitness areas

A recent project by A/V Solutions in Biglerville, PA completed using Harman Professional products. All rooms WAPS are Luxul, Surveillance cameras are Digital Watchdog, Control via AMX, audio processing with BSS, Video transport from remote cable box locations via AMX, Amplification by Crown International using DCI network amps, Sound by JBL using several different Control […]

Liviu Lupsa Brings the Sound of Wednesday to Life with Lectrosonics

“I saw that Lectrosonics was the answer for me. The important thing is that they’re rock solid.” Buftea, Romania (April 11, 2023) — The hit Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega in the title role and directed by the master of gothic quirk, Tim Burton, follows the adventures of the Addams Family daughter character. First introduced in […]

Optimizing In-Person Worship Service Experiences

In a recent article that appeared in Christianity Today, author Philip Yancy expressed optimism about worshippers returning to in-person services. Yancy offered reasons why in-person church will never go out of style, despite the expediency and comfort that many church-goers experienced while they attended services from home during the pandemic.


The JBL EON ONE MK2 battery-powered column PA packs a class-leading acoustic package, 5-channel digital mixer, dbx and Lexicon DSP, Bluetooth functions and universal app control into a lightweight, portable package that can be carried in one hand.

The EON ONE MK2 delivers the fidelity JBL is legendary for, combining a geometrically optimized, C-shaped 8-tweeter array with a 10” woofer to deliver class-leading clarity and coverage down to 37 Hz, with wide dispersion and a maximum output of 123 dB.